everything good makes you fat an addict or broke

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when a slow download finally finishes


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History and Memory

History is factual. It runs in order like a Calender or maths. Memory is just clusters of attended events that play havoc on one’s mind. Until you put them together the full story is not there and often miss conceptions about one’s life is misunderstood.

Anonymous asked: I wasn't saying that men at eunder more or equal pressure to look a certain way, but I think they're under an equal amount of pressure to women to not look a certain way. Although we don't have magazines telling us not to look a certain way, we have many male friends (sometimes not even friends) who judge men for looking a certain way while with females I imagine everyone is generally supportive of one another's looks. I agree women are pushed to look a certain way more though.


hahaha are you kidding? Every aspect of society tells women that they are in constant competition with each other to land a man. You really think most women are gonna be supportive of other women’s looks when they’re told they need to compete with them?

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